How to Report Fraudulent Claims


Disability fraudulent claim is a major issue all over the globe. Thousands of people are availing of disability benefits from social security, insurance companies and other establishments. 

Fraudulent claims arise due to the need to gain financial profit. There are a number of ways to make a fraudulent claim. One is concealing work to be able to continually receive disability benefits, exaggerating claims, deliberate causing of accidents, concealing material information that affects disability claims and many others. 

The cases of fraudulent claims are rising in the United States. A number of persons collect disability even if they do not qualify for the said benefit. Some abuse the system. 

Detecting a fraudulent claim can be very difficult. Most people equate disability with physical incapacity such as inability to walk or talk. However, there are a number of qualified disabilities that are entitled to disability benefits but do not result in physical handicaps. These are referred to as the ‘invisible’ disabilities.

Invisible disabilities include chronic fatigue usually brought about by debilitating ailments such as Alzheimer’s. Another disability that falls under this is chronic pain. Examples of people who are perpetually in pain include those who got enmeshed in car accidents. Recurring migraine sufferers are also another good example. 

Mental ailment can also cause invisible disabilities. Some people walk around appearing perfectly normal but, in truth, they have recurring mental problems such as depression or panic attacks which make them psychologically disable. 

Invisible disabilities make the reporting of fraudulent claims all the more complicated. This is because even if the sufferers look normal, their medical conditions make them valid claimants to the benefits.

Also, if you are wrong in your accusations, this can have negative impact on your relationships. On the part of the accused person, he or she will undergo unnecessary grief due to your reporting. However, if there is a strong reason to suspect disability fraudulent claim and you are confident of its occurrence then it is important to report the facts immediately to proper authorities. 

To report fraudulent claims, it is necessary to proceed with caution. You need to have proof that the information you supply is accurate and not just based on hearsay. Keep in mind that reporting false information to the Social Security Administration can incur you civil and criminal penalties. This is the reason why you should not make false accusations on individual. 

There are two considerations to look into when reporting fraudulent claims. First, you must establish that the suspected person is collecting benefits. And second, he must not be entitled to those benefits. 

The first step in reporting fraudulent claims is to call the Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline. Another way is to write a letter to the Social Security Fraud Department so you can discuss in great detail your suspicions. And still another alternative is to report fill up the Fraud Reporting Form found in the Social Security Administration website.

The second step is to provide the Social Security Administration all pertinent information regarding the alleged fraud. For instance, you are aware that the person receives disability benefits but he continues to work on a daily basis. You have to identify the person accused of fraudulent claims. Also, supply his or her address and telephone number to SSA. If possible, also provide the name of his or her employer for verification purposes.

Lastly, you need to give your contact information to Social Security Administration. The department might ask you for additional information pertaining to the suspected person which is necessary for the resolution of the case.